Airfreight shipment of 6930 kgs to Qingdao

25th November, 2019

We had received a very nice order to move by air for a total of 6930 kgs from Rotterdam warehouse to Qingdao Airport.

Cargo was located in Rotterdam, where we picked it up by truck to be transported to Liege Airport.

After that cargo was build-up for the flight, it was loaded on board of the airplane. 

Cargo flew first LGG (Liege Airport) to SVO (Moscow Airport) in transit. 1 day later it flew from SVO to CGO (Zhengzou Airport). 

At Zhengzhou Airport it went further to Qingdao by truck.

Here are the pictures during build-up & loading on airplane


Airfreight Shipment Qingdao 1  Airfreight Shipment Qingdao 2 Airfreight Shipment Qingdao 3

Airfreight Shipment Qingdao 4  Airfreight Shipment Qingdao 6  Airfreight Shipment Qingdao 7 

Airfreight Shipment Qingdao 8


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