Double portcall of mv Fortune!

30th May, 2017

Ex Schiedam: Loading  Axal compressor 135 mt uw + accessories, Bridge components and Structural steel by 250 mt swl heavy lift shore crane and ship’s gear. Heavy lifts were supported by 42 x elephant feet with inbetween cargo, rubber protection and timber blocked up, that traveled with the cargoes to destination and returned by trucks.

Ex Antwerp: Loading 1 x mobile harbor crane GOTTWALD HMK 170 E (swl 240 mt) plus 202 mt demounted rolling stoc by shore crane and ship’s gear tandem lift.

This cargo was charterered by Europe Cargo for Cypriotic client with final destination DP World terminal Limassol which is specialized in bulk and container cargoes.

mv fortune europe cargo 2 fortune europe cargo 3 fortune europe cargo 4

fortune europe cargo 5 fortune europe cargo 6 

fortune europe cargo 7 fortune europe cargo 8

Double portcall of mv Fortune!

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