Loading of Yacht named Merry Fisher 895

27th September, 2019

1 x Yacht type Jeanneau, named MERRY FISHER 895
Unit weight : 5000 kgs
Dimensions : 9,09  2,79 x 3,2 m.

Loaded onto truck at La Rochelle and trucked to Antwerp, Euroports quay 1209-1213.
Buying and trucking of decent and fitted cradle to Antwerp.
Discharged cradle on quay, and Yacht into cradle + fixing Yacht to cradle
Loaded on board mv Star Livorno, destination New Westminster,  Canada, at location Upper Tweendeck 7.

Yacht properly lashed by nylon lashing belts, fitting into d-rings.P1060864P1060865P1060866P1060867P1060868file 22file1 12


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