Loading of grabs onto the BBC EMERALD

22nd July, 2019

6 grabs of total 112,2 ton were delivered ex Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, by barge STEDO at Abes, Antwerp terminal, and were loaded by short crane onto the M/V BBC EMERALD

The 2 lighter grabs of 15600 kgs each were loaded in lower hold nr 2

And the 4 heavier ones (2 pcs @ 17000 kgs and 2 pcs @ 23500 kgs) were loaded on the tweendeck 2

The BBC EMERALD loaded at 3 terminals in Antwerp before she left for Pisco, Peru

IMG 4554 1IMG 4555 1IMG 4557 1IMG 4551 1IMG 4545 1IMG 4562 1

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